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Safety Valve Repairs- International Valve & Instrument Corp.

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Safety Valve Repairs


We are pleased to announce that on October 30, 2019, The Collins Companies acquired International Valve & Instrument  Corporation ( IVI ) a long-time leader in Industrial Valve repair serving the northeast and beyond.  The Collins Companies are one of the largest industrial PVF suppliers serving the northeast as well. The two firms will combine to offer an unmatched service strength for our customers. For additional information please follow the link:…/welcome-ivi-to-the-collins-fa…

International Valve & Instrument Corp. is one of the leading VR Safety Valve Repairs stamp holders in the United States, located in a well equipped Springfield, MA facility. IVI is a full-service valve repair firm with over 200 years of combined experience in the safety valve repair and line valve repair industry. IVI is dedicated to solving all your safety valve problems whether you require replacement or repair. As a VR stamp certificate holder since 1982, pressure relief valves are VR repaired, tested, and receive the VR stamp/ seal of approval. The VR stamp when applied, certifies the pressure relief valve/s are in accordance with National Board guidelines of the IVI VR manual. Certified repairs made by experienced/ trained technicians ensure the continued safety of the employees and property of your organization. Our capabilities include complete shop repairs and/or field service. Safety Valve Repairs will receive the National Board VR stamp as long as the valve/s meet National Board repair standards. We VR certify all types and manufacturers such as Kunkle, Consolidated, Farris, Crosby, Anderson Greenwood, Leser, etc. We also provide on-site electronic testing of your safety valves while your plant operates as an option. IVI is cognizant of the need to complete safety valve projects within a designated time frame. We pride ourselves on meeting critical deadlines during outages/shutdowns. We attribute this success to the planning of the projects and attention to detail by our project managers. In addition, IVI can provide technical support and maintenance coordination for all your valve repairs during outages. Our valve experts also have years of experience in the repair to all types of line valves such as gate, globe, check, control, etc. as well, and will have you back online with the least amount of downtime. This ensures that you will attain an extensive reduction in operating costs resulting in greater profits. Please feel free to browse the website for all the additional services that we offer. For top quality and timely safety valve repairs, consider IVI today.